The planets and the sun endow us with life giving energy
Saturn was our former sun and creator god

Saturn is the portal where our simulation is being funneled to us
Its rings are not natural and are being manufactured

High powered emissions from cigar shaped objects can be seen in between the rings
These cylindrical craft are the ring makers

They are creating a simulation within a simulation
A dream within a dream
Where this current dream is the matrix

The moons of Saturn like the one near to us are not moons but crafts of massive size
Rhea Tethys Dione Enceladus are similar in size to our fake moon

Enceladus and Tethys have high powered jet streams flowing into the south pole of Saturn
These create the hexagon on the north pole which is referred to as the magic cube

Reptilians are highly advanced beings from the second dimension
Because of their inability to ascend and their violations of natural law
They want to make our realm their permanent home

They shape shift and take on human form
They gain political power and manipulate human societies
They use our life energy as sustenance

Baal was an alter ego of Saturn in the former age
The ancient city of Baalbek in Lebanon means city of Saturn

Massive perfectly cut stones used in the buildings which are now referred to as temples
Are up to 65 feet in length
And weigh an estimated 1000 tons which is 2 million pounds

The Colossus of Memnon in Egypt are about 1 million pounds
By changing the magnetic polarity of the stones
The ancients had an easy way to move them

They also had high powered laser technology to precisely cut them

Vitrification is the melting and fusing of different stones
Scotland is well known for its vitrification of stone buildings and walls
France and Turkey also have many similar melted and fused structures

The masses typically do not thirst after truth
But turn away from evidence not to their taste
Whoever can supply them with illusions is easily their master

As our vibration rises we will align more with truth
And we will create a world with no parasitic influences

The harder the conflict
The more you will savor the victory!