The moment you project a frequency of giving and sharing
No matter how small the life form you are helping
You connect with the original blueprint codes of Source energy

You attract a mirror image of your consciousness
Because we have a magnetic bioelectric structure

The universe is a double toroidal enclosed system
With energy revolving back to the center layer which is our earth plane

We are in an energy field of a magnetic hologram
Where everything reflects back to you

This simulation of light will give you what you focus upon
What you do what you believe and what you expect

You can shift to the reality you want
Positive thoughts will create a positive reality

You will experience synchronization of manifestations
That will assure you of your path
You will be assisted to the road of a greater awareness

A healthy body is essential for gathering and holding the DNA vibrational sequences
Which projects you into the reality above this level of consciousness

A plant based diet and a detox routine is needed
The intake of animal flesh and their secretions
And the ingestion of poisons and synthetic chemicals lowers your vibration
Inhibiting your ability to live simultaneously with your higher self in this dream like state

Our pineal gland shoots out an energetic beam which guides us
Even directing our consciousness to stargates

When our tone of light resonates at a high positive frequency
It matches Source Energy and connects us to God Consciousness!