Our world is not out there
It is within our mind
We see the image of the world in our mind

Everyone lives in their own world
Created within their mind

There are as many realities
As there are living creatures on earth

Each individual has a unique perception of the world
And we all experience the world in a different way

There is a complex subjectivity of human experience

When we realize reality is shaped within our mind
We can consciously adopt a more responsible stance toward our thoughts and emotions

When we see our negative mental and emotional patterns with clarity
We gain the ability to question our limiting beliefs

We can take a more compassionate approach to ourselves
And cultivate a more positive mindset

When we understand that each person lives in their own internal world
Shaped by their own unique upbringing and experiences
We can better respond to them with empathy

We seek sensory pleasures in the external world
Through the excretion of various hormones
Serotonin dopamine oxytocin and various endorphins

When we subconsciously or consciously think of past experiences
The same firing of neurons will occur
We will feel the experience again

To bring our desire into our reality
We have to change our state of being

We have to shift our thoughts as if we already have our desire
And we have to feel those emotions

Nurture the concept of self love
Radiate this infinite love to others

While our current relationships either gracefully bloom or dissolve
We will make new connections

Our deep reservoirs of love joy and kindness
Will be an inexhaustible source of illumination to others

When we conquer our minds
We conquer the world
Because the mind is our reality!