What we call creation
Was Saturn forming his cosmos

Rings of chaos created conflagrations of plasma and gases

The outer rings were the expanding fields of the unmanifest

These hidden words or emanations of the dark outer rings
Were included in the Abyss or Daath
Which is the celestial Underworld or Egyptian Duat

It is the Netherworld or Neter Dua

Mars was the Lord of the Underworld
When he drifted down it was a big occasion

Lift up your face
You gods in the Netherworld
For the King has come
The King judges the living in the domain of Re

He who sits in the bark of the Most High
Who hides in the Lake
And rests in the Great Green
In the midst of the Field of Rushes

Is the one who is assigned to the Akhet
The twin peaked Mountain of Sunrise

And also
O Lion clad in splendor
At whose fierce brilliance the gods flee
Who holds the pitiless deluge weapon

Perfect One without rival
Avenger of his father
Who presides at the 2 conclaves of the Enneads

Your house in the sky will not perish
And your throne in middle heaven will not be destroyed

And also
To Rudra the Mighty we bring songs of praise
Our Lord and Hero

The One with braided hair we call to Thee
As Thou comes down

The One with red dazzling appearance
The Dweller in the North

It was with great anticipation
That heralded the coming of Mars

That is why the great religions of the world
Look for Him to come again!