As I near the Fountain
The terrible spectre arises

Shivers creep inside me
Nerves quiver and my step falters

Alas the ceremony awaits us
At the foot of the Alter

Mons Magorum Invifibilis
Means large hidden mountain

Rupus Negra Altisima
Means high dark mountain

When divine light shoots up out of the earth into the cosmos
Gods holy mountain at the north pole is seen by all
As plasma floods our world with positive energy

At the place of emergence a ladder to heaven will be formed
Eventually becoming pyramid shaped
Pyramid means fire light within

Bada boom means bad boom
When the second angel resounded his trumpet
A giant burning mountain shot up and threw plasma into the sea

An electrical response occurs and the barrier in the sky is pierced
A gateway in the celestial north of the inverted inner dome is opened and ionized hydrogen floods in

The world is depressurized and a new golden age begins
As oxygen pours up into the world
Many animals and humans as well as plants and trees become huge
When oxygen declines the giants succumb or leave

The intense auroral column is flattened into toroids by heightened magnetic pressure
And forms ball spheroids which are golden apples on a heavenly tree
A Christmas Tree with ornaments is a symbolic representation of this

As the charge of the toroidal column increase planets migrate to the north pole
They group and form trinities tetrahedrons assemblies counsels metatrons mansions of the Lord
And other divine geometric shaped configurations

As the light was occluded on Mars in front of Venus it formed a crescent moon or ark
Which is distinguished from the arc of the covenant

The ark of the covenant was the joining of the anode and cathode located on opposing sides of the auroral column
This is also the new rainbow mentioned in Genesis after the plasma flood

A vapor canopy of leaked plasma in now appearing but is diguised as climate change

The initial flash of a dense energy beam flowing out of the earths central axis will be blinding
People will be blinded by the light

Planets will magnetically drift down the axis
The closest and brightest one will become the Savior god

The trump resounded
And the Lord descended!