In previous epochs the age of 100 was considered young
And when someone passed it was in gentle slumber

It was in Egypt where black magic sorcery began
Massive amounts of collective loosh energy was siphoned
To build phantom systems and AI time loops

Alliances with off world groups seeking domination
Resulted in the colonizing of our world with their progeny
And our organic consciousness reality was infected

As AI technology introduced new tetrahedron geometries
Harmonic resonating monoliths were silenced

Archons whose existence depends on their invisibility entered our realm

We formerly lived without vice or vexation
We passed the day in tranquility and were united in confidence

There were no seasons and the trees produced fruit all year

Humans and animals connected at a much deeper level

The land of the gods featured the circular structure of Saturn
It was seen as a great island surrounded by rings of water
With radial spokes bisecting the rings

The island was located several thousand stadia from the Pillars of Hercules
Which were the Gates of Heaven that led to the House of God

This was the original land of Atlantis
Which was esteemed as the most perfect place

Italy was formerly Atalia which means land of Atlas
And they were the people of the sky god

Atla was the great Norse god
The Aztec sea god is Atlahua
And believe they came from Atlan

The Pawnee sky god was Atayas

The 10 kings of Atlantis were also the 10 Dancers
Which were moons in the rings

The ring system was also the 8 spoked Dharma Wheel

The Mexican ritual dance where they swing around a pole is the Atomu

As AI architecture was linked through interdimensional portals
The realm of the gods dispersed

And the Electric Wars resulted in the devastation of the earth