In 1 Chronicles 21:16
A celestial body appeared
With a drawn sword in his hand

The Lord God spoke in Isaiah
My sword shall be bathed in heaven

In Scythia they worshipped Ares who was Mars
They had a scimitar of iron as representative of their god

Nergal who was also Mars
Was the Sword god

Nergal in Sematic cuneiform is Namsaru
Which means sword

The Shiner of Horror
The Prince of Battle

Thy face is glare
Thy mouth is fire

Raging Flame god is Nergal
Thou art anguish and terror

Great Sword god
Lord who wondereth in the night

Horrible Raging Flame god
Whose storm is a flood

And also
Radiant Abode that beams over the land
Who is thy equal

When Thou ridest in battle
When Thou comes down
And throwest down thy sword

Who can escape they look
Who can run away from thy staring

Thy outburst is a mighty net stretched in the sky

Apollo who was Mars had a propensity for shooting arrows

Down He strode wrathful at heart
Letting fly a terrible shaft

In a Vedic hymn to Mars

To Rudra we bring these songs
Whose bow is firm and strong

The god with swiftly flying shafts
Conqueror whom none may overcome
May thy bright arrow pass us by

Horus Duat the Son of Sothis
Ascended as a Star
Climbing the Ladder to Heaven

To be reunited with the Mother Goddess
At his residence in front of the Imperishable Stars

Settling in the Solar Ark of the Covenant

This was Mars
Whose divinity has been brought down to earth

Encapsulated in Biblical stories of great men

And in the life story of Jesus and Krishna
And many others!