The mysteries of the Sephiroth
Are the 10 emanations of orbs close to Saturn in the former sky

They were the plasma decorations on the Tree of Life
That was superimposed on the Tree of Good and Evil
Which is the same as the Mountain of God

When aligned in front of Saturn
The turquoise of the Mother Arc of Venus
Created the aquiline Sun

Which healed the original divine blueprint

When Mars was rebirthed in front of Andromeda who was Venus
The elemental and tetramorphic patterns of the aquamarine ray
Of the blue diamond frequency

Created the vibration of divine love
This is the God source code of the trinity wave

There are 3 frequency spectrums that manifest as platforms
Of consciousness perception and expression
In the density layers of our universal time matrix

The creation code has been hijacked
Causing split patterns that have fragmented our consciousness at multiple dimensions

There is now an energetic imbalance
Between the electron and proton spin rate

We have a hijacked consciousness
And a concealment of the revelation of divine light

The divine plasma unity of Venus has been replaced
With a finite Metatronic code
Called the Daisy of Death

The polymorphic cement of the perfectly carved blocks of the Bosnian pyramids
Was interlaced with crystal quartz and flint

This created a natural lattice work of congruity

Anchor Watt created a harmonic electrical frequency
Watt is an amount of electrical energy

Teotihuacan in Mexico is a giant circuit board
So was Persepolis

The rulers of this realm in the high places
Do not want us to interface with natural electromagnetic energy
Or with divine plasma

They want to put heavy metals in our brains
To make us compatible to AI
And disconnect us from our natural abilities

They want to keep their parasitical relationship going

All the people at the top know about this
The ones we vote for to rule over us!