As our original descendants flourished
Divisions also increased

Setting the stage for manipulation by alien forces
That pitted one side against the other

United we stand divided we fall

War is when outside forces wish to dominate others
Our realm was invaded from neighboring matrices

The intruding entities reduced themselves to parasites
That hunted down other life forms
From which to siphon energy

The explosiveness of the event
Intermixed humans with matter in this physical dimension

We are now at a phase of time
Where matter is less dense
Enabling us more easily the return to our spiritual nature

In the Book of Revelations
A mighty angel took a large stone
And threw it into the sea

This is about to be played out
By those with access to advanced technology

The Great City that reigned over the kings of the earth
The mighty city of Babylon

Where merchants profited with unbridled desire for luxury
Will no more see the light of the lamp

In New York City there is a big mural
Of a tsunami about to engulf the Statue of Liberty

V is for Vandetta
V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet
As in 2022

You have been given secret information
About what is likely to happen

You have been fore warned!