Language is a spell
It is a coded sequence arranged in a particular order
To produce a desired output

English is the software or code that keeps the program running
Coded letters and numbers are connected

Our language solidifies the illusion
We lock ourselves into the matrix without even realizing it
We are the programmed and we are the programmers

We then can also use words and language
To change the program and bend the illusion

Cain as in Cain and Abel is the serpent seed
A cane is shaped like a 7
Which is the Hebrew symbol for the Beast
As is shown on the cans of Monster energy drinks

The Beast is also Abel which is A Bull or Baal or Bael which is Saturn
The god Bel is Saturn with a ringtone

Cain + Baal = cannibals
The land of Canaan was the land of barbaric cannibals
They were known for their atrocious acts
Conan the Barbarian was Canaan the Barbarian

Another meaning for Cain is possession
Archons take control of those who submit to them

Possession also means the accumulation of wealth
The one with the most possessions became king
Every king became a Cain
Kahn is a derivation of king

Tubal Cain was supposedly a descendent of Cain
Tubal means 2 balls and Cain means a phallus

2 balls symbolize 2 zeros and a 7 symbolizes the serpent
007 is the code for James Bond who was a spy for the serpent seed aristocracy

Sir of English aristocracy is serpent
And a knight is knighted or nighted into the darkness

Tubal Cain or 2 balls and a penis
Is symbolic of when masculine energy started to dominate our realm

Most all famous women in Hollywood are inverts or men acting as women
Now inverts are also dominating womens sports

Women who are more prone to compassion are suppressed
Because our world does not operate on compassion

Tubal Cain is said to be a blacksmith
A blacksmith creates weapons that take life

Dean Cain played Superman
Michael Caine played the butler in Batman

The Hebrew word for king is Molech or Melek as in Melchizedek which is abbreviated as MLK
KLM airlines in the Netherlands is MLK in reverse
Their logo is the crown

CNN is simply Canaan!