A vaccine can never improve your immune system
Nor provide protection from viruses

It is T cells in the cellular wall
That reacts to incoming particles

If they are not recognized by the T cells as friendly
The invading material is oxygenized by enzymes
To make them less virulent

Putting synthetic chemicals into an organic body
Is an insult to the nervous system

The medical system has been able to convince the common person
That by injecting a virus the body builds immunity

That it is helpful to give them the very thing they are trying to avoid

By injecting viruses and synthetic material the T cell count goes down
The body is less able to protect itself
And the immune system is weakened

When people run for more booster shots
When they stick their arm out the window of their car
At a vaccination center in a church parking lot

They initiate a process of immune degradation

As more mRNA is pumped into the body
More harmful spike proteins are produced

As HIV fragments are injected to be a carrier for mRNA
The more overwhelmed the degraded immune system gets

Antibodies increase but they do not protect
They only react

The cells in our body operate in a harmonious fashion
When foreign material invade our body it disrupts the cohesiveness

When man made particles are injected in us
We lose our natural god given structure

Compliance is the enemy of autonomy!