Geomancy is the use of underlying energies
To manipulate ones consent to a prison reality

Religion makes people voluntarily bind themselves to it
As the reason for their existence

We have been induced to yearn for and search for our life purpose in religion
Creating a self bondage with little or no resistance to the system

Consent and contracts in this free will universe
Become permanent tools of control
Our soul essence is then surrendered and fragmented

Our life force is the currency that keeps governments in circulation
They use us as bonded debt in a construct of ownership

This creates an artificial reality overlay
A perpetual system of cultivation and harvesting of our soul energy
Of which the value is reaped at our death

Advanced electromagnetic technology allows machines to harvest
Our existential life force Source Energy

Pac Man shaped devices gobble up and siphon our energy into Typhon Tunnels
Which feeds the Saturnia Red Cube network

Embedded lunar forces of the Moon Matrix creates a particle spin within us
That resonates with abuse and keeps us disconnected

Causing us to become OK with the systematic slaughter of animals for food
Which downgrades us

We have become an artificial version of humanity
Trapped with amnesia in this bio spiritual reality

When the silicate crystal gene code is activated that holds our 12 strands of DNA together
All that is artificial to our unique consciousness begins to dissolve

The holographic instruction sets superimposed upon us fade away
And the overlay which hides our true identity disappears

Our lineage or ancestral estate is our DNA code and our diamond heart template
We free ourselves from Archon control by our own inner vibration
Our awareness and potent positive frequency will starve the parasitic matrix machine

We then will saturate our own bio neurology
With flowering plasma roses

That consist of divine fire water codes
Of electromagnetic Source Energy!