Our thoughts crystalize units of consciousness
Into the morphogenetic fields
Which are made up of sound and light energy

Manifestation templates reflect our thoughts back to earth

The plandemic is designed to steal individual sovereignty
And instigate survival fears at every turn

Vax cult doctors follow the lead of Big Pharma
Which is under the direction of non humans
And everyone is getting filthy rich

The exploitation of life on the earth plane
Is at an all time high

The current acceleration of electronics
Is promoting AI transhumanism

The negative ego is encouraged to normalize cruelty upon animals
We eat them because we think we are superior to them

The sacrifice of humans and animals has been painted in religion
As appeasing the wrath of a just God who demands penance or atonement for sin

When in fact it was Satanic Ritual Abuse
That still goes on today

Trafficking of children is big business
And so is the exploitation of animals

When under intense suffering flesh and blood become charged
With heightened molecular content
As hormonal adrenaline cascades throughout the body

Which is highly prized by negative aliens and their DNA altered human accomplices

They delight in torture
Especially of those who are young and innocent
And unable to protect themselves

We are revolted by the thought of human sacrifice
But think nothing of the torture that animals experience
To end up on our dinner plate

Slaughterhouses are an abundant source of loosh for alien entities
We promote their presence when we slaughter and consume animals

At the same time we lower our own vibrations

And by ingesting the saturated fat and cholesterol from animals
We restrict the normal operating functions in our body

Reducing it from a temple of God
To a graveyard of animal carcasses!