Intella streets in smart cities
Can achieve a fully featured system
By simply changing the street lights

Intelligence resides in the unique dual band radio system
Operated by a miniature computer with data storage compacity similar to an I Phone

Intella street processors are in each street light
Communicating with each other in a MESH format
Internal LED indicators lets servers know what needs tending to

The MESH is the HAL 9000 AI algorithm program
That uses the aluminum and lithium micro bio sensors
Which are being dumped on our heads by KC 10 Extenders
And other military planes

As we inhale the transponders
We are being augmented into 6G
And cemented into the Hal 9000 in the Cloud

Ring cameras are set up on Apple sidewalks
For monitoring and surveillance

We will become subject to continual electron energy pulses
That travel from node to node
The millimeter wave pulsing can deliver lethal doses of EM frequencies

Machine to machine interface will serve as collection data points
And the processors will analyze the data as well as the sound tracks that are recorded

Intella streets will integrate a patterned full range speaker system
Making announcements and commercials
While even providing video files
All in a robust platform of digital wireless networks

This WiFi and voice communication will spread out to other areas of the city
And to college campuses

The holographic internet will appear right in front of you
But it will contain a myriad of homeland security features
And will perceive any kind of disloyalty or thought crime

Intella streets will always be listening
To find out who is problematic

Do you see where all this is going
For fun and games different emotional states will be elicited
Such as uncontrolled lust and anger

In the original Star Trek episode
Return of the Archons
Anarchy was elicited by a frequency from the striking of the clock tower

Which was controlled by a hidden computer called Landru
Who appeared holographically to the ones not absorbed into the body

Kirk and Spock fixed everything
By unplugging Landru!