Venus is the plasma flower that holds musical sound templates
A trinity rose field architecture

The Cosmic Mother emanates a holy rainbow of plasma water
That is being infused into the aquifer of earth

This is renewing energy for all life
Especially the healing of the female principle

This is the rise of the Mua
Lemuria was a matriarchal society

Pacific islands will be the first to network this energy

In Indic belief it is the Mahara Reisha

This is when soul groups incarnate at intervals to raise the frequency

We are connected to the Infinite
And we are a part of the Whole

We are a Drop in the Ocean
And we are the Ocean

Your vibrational frequency affects everyone around

How we define ourselves
Is how we relate to the world outside of ourselves

There is a correlation between how we send energy through our nervous system
And how we are able to embody incoming frequencies

Our skeletal structure is a frequency resonator
Our meridians are capacitors

Our inner matrix encodes plasma energy
Which is an acceleration agent of our geometric activation

How we view ourselves
And how we view our environment
Becomes a self fulfilling prophesy

Our self image creates life expressions

We are so much more than we imagine
Our dreams connect us to our interdimensional self

But our preoccupation in our 3D physical world
Prevents us from incorporating our higher self into our daily life

Our attachments to our old perspectives weighs down our energy

If we treat experiences as learning lessons
Then that is what they will be

Give yourself unconditional love
Remove old patterns that do not serve you
Acknowledge you are here for a higher purpose

How we treat ourselves is what will change the image in the mirror

How we treat others including animals
Is pressing the push back button
It is a cybernetic mechanism

The patterns that you mirror you also vibrate
And they come back to you

We are in a long continuous dream
And what we perceive as reality
Is what we will dream!