The invasion of our realm
Began approximately 2000 years ago

Our world was surveyed
The magnetic field was manipulated
And the ley lines were infused with metatronic reversal currents

Our holographic instruction sheets became recoded

Advanced ancient civilizations fell one by one

We became a blended reality system
As the alien mind was installed

Waves of current from artificial vectors
Cross into adjunct time fields blending reality

Earth history has been rewritten
To control humanity and serve the invading species agenda

The humans who cooperated became the Illuminati

This Luciferian elite has progressed in their timeline
To where they feel invulnerable
And they openly look for more converts

The agenda is now so far advanced
They no longer worry about rebellion

The ozone layer is an artificially created interference layer
Which now includes toxic chemtrails

It exerts a false magnetism to divert solar plasma codes
That potentially would activate dormant human DNA

Sun light is radiant energy frequency
That controls gene expression

Quantum light transmission in the Universe
Encodes packets of intelligent energy into our consciousness

The Hall of Records is holographic information
It changes as it is viewed from different positions

Our environment is a reflection of this hologram

Our world then is determined by our perspective

If you know who you really are
If you realize you are a highly spiritual being
Affecting the energy field

And that the state of love and compassion
Is the highest vibrational condition

You will influence your world
Beyond what you imagine

If we choose a loving world that is what it will become

Our reality becomes everything we believe to be true!