Kon Tiki Viracocha means the foam of the sea
It was the nebular cloud around Saturn
The same as the waters of chaos spoken of in the Biblical creation account

The Tehom in the Book of Genesis usually translated as The Deep
Means a surging mass of water

The Egyptian Nu or Nun was the watery abyss in the sky
Vishnu floated on an ocean

The Yakima Native Americans believe
Originally all that was beside or around the Great Chief was water

The Yuma Native Americans believe
That these waters stirred and rushed and thundered

The Chinese Tau goes round and round in a whirl of creation

There was a shimmering effect on the rotating nebulous cloud
Ra flooded the Nu with his rays of light

As Saturn fed plasma into the Universal Axis
It became a heaven uniting pillar
The Christian Sibyllines refer to it as the Pillar of Glory

The Saturnian ray was the Rauch of Genesis
Translated as the Spirit or Wind of God
That was originally on the chaotic waters

When it moved to the Polar Column
The act of creation began

In Genesis and the Popul Vuh
The phrase Let There Be Light occurs

In the Chilam Balam creation commenced with a burning light

And in Malaya it is believed the Supreme Being
At first emanated light towards the chaos

The Zuni Native Americans believe floated in the darkness
Whose mist became a sea
Which began to glow

Indic belief has Brahma Vishnu and Shiva making up the Trimurta
As shown in the Temple of Elephanta

These are different aspects of Saturn

The fiery phallus of Shiva
Is the celestial axis illuminated by the flare up of Saturn
At the north celestial pole

This is also the Adoration of the Linga

The lingam or penis was also a leg
Elohim or El the god of Genesis
Is shown on early coins standing on one leg

The Hindu god Manu stood on one foot
Osiris had a leg of fire

Shiva is shown sitting in front of a pillar of fire

The brilliant flare up of Saturn
Produced a terrifying splendor

That changed darkness into light
In the midst of the chaotic void

The Age of Darkness came to an end

The darkness was the result of the electrical wars
Which were precipitated by the advent of otherworldly forces
Overthrowing the Atlantean empire

Everywhere people rejoiced with exuberance
At the shedding of light

And a new age began!