The reason why history is covered up
Is that if you realize
There have been past advanced civilizations
Who enjoyed a much higher standard of living

Who didn’t have poverty crime and homelessness
Who didn’t use loud stinky gasoline engines
That emit toxic fumes

But used clean free energy
Extracted directly from the atmosphere

And if you realize that the world until very recently
Enjoyed a very benign climate
With abundant food

That the freezing ice filled places of today
Were once tropical and sub tropical areas
Teeming with life

Then you will see power has been usurped
And that the world and the heavens
Have been drastically changed
Through the intentional blasting of high powered energy

Energy that was even directed at the close hovering plasma orbs
Which we call planets
That were anthropomorphized as gods
Saturn being our Loving Father

And at the Universal Axis
Which formerly shone brilliantly in the North
And was depicted as The Tree of Life
Or The Mountain of God
But is now relegated
To just being Northern Lights