In the movie Songbird
Covid 23 mutates into a contagion

A curfew is in effect
All unauthorized citizens must stay indoors

The Department of Sanitation comes to homes
And conducts a thermal scan

If an anomaly is detected armed guards are called
To force people into quarantine camps

If someone tries to run they are shot on sight

Covid 23 stands for the year 2023
Which will be a year of insanity

Major events might start on 10-31 through 11-3 of this year
11-3 is always seen in movies and TV shows

People join secret societies through promises of riches and fame
They lose their sovereignty and become cogs in the wheel

Once the reality of their existence is realized
Anger and deep depression sets in

They become prisoners of their own device

If one wants to become a superstar
They are asked to sacrifice family members

They are trapped in soul deals
And are on a runaway train

As Robin Williams said
You head for the sweets and roses
And eventually get hit with a pick axe

Our natural human tendencies
Are in constant struggle with the reptilian brain
Which is the result of genetic manipulation

The reptilian brain is characterized by deception and the me mentality
Jealousy betrayal and backstabbing are rewarded in the Illuminati

Many are lead to believe they will live forever in artificial bodies
Hollywood is filled people who have become clones of themselves

They lose their ability to feel
And cannot enjoy their stardom

By obeying their leaders
They have built up an incredible amount of bad karma
To the point where they are losing their souls

They are put on massive amounts of pharmaceutical drugs
And they are eventually body snatched

Now is the time to do what is right
Before it is too late!