The entire system is based on consent

When you withdraw your energy
And anchor your vibrational octave in spiritual truth
You will not bow down to the altar
Of the alien D Wave god

When you do not consent
You withdraw from the black magic rituals and blood sacrifices
That strengthen their trauma resonance spells
Which have been cast upon the world

When you are motivated by a higher purpose
You will connect to your higher self
And be upgraded in the Divine Flow

You will have energetic dynamics with spiritual forces
And you will increase the frequency holding capacity of those around you

As we draw those forces into our external manifestation
We cultivate the Divine Within and maintain our infinite nature

As we transcend all disempowering attitudes in our inner dialogues
And focus on optimal outcomes
We develop the Midas Touch
Creating higher more positive results

As we use our conscious energy
Which is our emotion intent and imagination
We manifest in accordance with higher laws

And determine the frequency patterns
Which produces the quality of content

Ascension is the integrated and graduated increase
Of light and sound frequency
That allows us to hold divinity

We will activate light codes
And create new morphogenetic instruction sets

When you eat meat you participate in blood sacrifice rituals
When you connect yourself to The Cloud you lose your humanity

When you follow what others tell you
And do not listen to your own divine intuition
You will lose your sovereignty

And become a node in a computer!