In the fake 1918 Spanish Flu
Dr Thomas Tuttle was a mirror image of Dr Fauci

He prescribed face masks and social distancing
And warned of resurgence in 4 successive waves

Most people are followers
They are like obedient slaves
With masters on TV telling them what to do

They do not have a questioning personality
They obey others
And relent to peer pressure

They do not take responsibility for their physical body

They cannot grasp the fact we live in a repressive society
That leaders are indifferent to others
Focused only on their own gain

That rulers rely on the annihilation of consciousness
And that we have been lulled into a trance

We are their unwilling accomplices that have been sedated
With mind altering chemicals and brainwashing seminars
That hypnotize us into a massive slumber

Indeed we are living in a kingdom of falsehood
In an artificially induced consciousness that resembles sleep

You must decide what is real and what is not
And reconcile who you really are
With what you are being pressured to believe

If we continue to act contrary to our higher selves
We will lose connection to that consciousness
And to Source Energy

Producing fragmentation of the soul!