Elohim means God of the Sea
And El means Saturn

Saturn was the Stella Solis or sun star
And was also Shabtai the resting star

Saturn was the nocturnal sun the God of Night
The stationary star in the north that shone at night

The creation did not happen that long ago

According to the Bambara tribe of West Africa
Creation unfolded with whirlwinds and spirals in succession
That came into existence in loud tumultuous explosions or words

The Sioux Indians believe the Creator spoke words which were lightning

Creation unfolded with the Word of God
The Voice from the Void

The Dogon of West Africa believe the words of creation assimilated into spirals

The spiral motif is omnipresent
The Newgrange megalithic site in Ireland is an example

Spirals are used as magic symbols with mystical power

The Logos of God is represented as a snake
Leviathan is not a great big fish just because he lived in the depths of the sea
He was a snake or crooked serpent

Apep was the serpent of eternity
Anom was the primeval serpent

The Mayan god Quetzalcoatl was a Saturn god portrayed as a serpent
The Chinese are famous for their serpent dragon

Isiah calls Leviathan the dragon in the sea
The sea is the celestial plasma sea of Saturn

Saturn is also pictured as riding his dragon chariot

Electrical currents in confined plasma generate discharge patterns
In the form of radial streamers or spirals

Some stars show radiant spiral emissions

These spirals are the mythical serpents such as Leviathan
Which encircled the creator god Saturn

The Serpent of Creation
That was formed by the Word of God

Saturn was the chief god or father god of the assembly of planets
That hovered close to our world in the former age
Looming large above us in the north celestial realm

The spirals formed the rings of Saturn
And are still present today!