Wars are orchestrated. Power is centralized. Leaders are puppets. The masses are pawns. The media is fake. We have been socially engineered. We have been divided in every conceivable way and are purposely led to fight amongst each other. And war is the ultimate deception.
How quickly we have forgotten the Vietnam War. It was a totally controlled war and allowed to continue because of the profits being made and the seizure of power in Southeast Asia. Even then Secretary of War Robert McNamara confessed before his death that the reason for the war the Gulf of Tonkin incident was totally made up. North Vietnam didn’t even have a navy. The war developed into a bunch of brainwashed teenagers on heroin shooting machine guns from helicopters. What it reminds me of is when certain government agencies shoot wild horses or other wild animals from helicopters.
The civil war was also contrived. The destruction of southern cities had already taken place. It was a bunch of immigrants and northerners forced by law to fight and payed to invade the south. Slavery was an institution run by the elite who controlled North and South. Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln were told what to do by the same people. The slogan in the South became rich man’s war and poor man’s fight. This is true with all wars.
George Washington and all the Founding Fathers were Free Masons. The NASA astronauts were all Free Masons. This group is run by the aristocracy and has a history of lying and deception. What bigger lie has there been than that they went to the moon and back 6 times?
The first two world wars were based on pre-planned engineered events.
The more recent war in Libya is another case in point. The reason given was that the Libyan leader Omar Khadafi was an evil dictator. Then why did each Libyan citizen receive free housing and free medical care. Americans don’t have that. Also newly married Libyan couples got $50,000 to start their family. Americans are kept in perpetual debt to keep them in servitude.
The real reason for the war is because Khadafi was setting up his own gold based currency the Dinar. The control of the money system is how nations are enslaved. Now Libya is a center for organ harvesting.
The true reason for the war in Iraq was because Saddam Hussein was not selling his oil in dollars. The USA had given him chemical weapons to use against Iran. Those chemical weapons were now employed against the invading Americans. Many Iraqi war veterans developed symptoms from being exposed to harsh chemicals.
The current mission of the troops in Afghanistan is to guard the poppy fields where approximately 95% of the worlds heroin and opium comes from. They are there to guard the profits of their leaders and the ones in charge. The only war on drugs in America is the one against those who try to set up their own competitive drug cartel.
No wonder Vietnam veterans all came back home with Post Traumatic Stress. They were filled not only with trauma but with guilt. Their drug use escalated so that they could deal with the memory of killing people. Many of them were unemployable. Cities gave them free one way tickets to Los Angeles so that they wouldn’t have to deal with them. They wandered around Santa Monica or other beach communities. There they lived lives as homeless people. Most eventually figured out they were lied to which made them bitter. No one wanted them around and they were considered an eye soar. A lot of them had war injuries and wound up dying at a young age.