Is WW111 right around the corner? Do we only have a short time left on this planet? Will the USA be nuked? Will Europe be nuked? Will Syria be the conflict that incites WW111? To better understand what is going on one needs to know the history of war.
The Vietnam War was a totally controlled war. It was allowed to continue because various people were selling weapons to both sides and making millions of dollars and other people were getting a cut. Furthermore banks were making even more millions giving out loans to the governments of the countries to purchase those weapons. And the media was getting rich promoting the war for the banks and the arms dealers. The USA is far ahead of any other country in the manufacturing and selling of arms and weapons of war.
Secretary of War McNamara confessed before his death that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was totally made up. So basically what happened is lies made rich people richer and those same lies cost an untold number of people their lives one way or another.
George Washington was a elite member of British society. After he grew even richer in America he and most other colonists saw by controlling their own currency (colonial scrip) they would be a lot better off and so the Revolutionary war began and to a lot of people’s surprise the colonists won.
The war of 1812 put the Bank of England back in control of the currency of the colonies. It wasn’t really much of a war. Washington DC didn’t get sacked as history likes to portray. It was an agreement made behind the scenes between the financial leaders with the threat of war. The Battle of New Orleans meant nothing.
People figured out what was happening in the Civil War when the slogan ‘Rich man’s war Poor man’s fight’ became common at the end of the war.
WW1 was because Germany was amassing too much power. Their technological superiority thrusted them in the limelight of manufacturing. As a result many people in Germany were getting very rich and powerful threatening the power structure in place in Britain. Even when Germany was winning the war they tried to make peace but the Bankers based in Britain would have none of it. America entered the war after a false flag event and turned the tide.
WW11 was a continuation of WW1. Germany and the Germans living in confiscated lands wanted those lands to belong to Germany again. Deals were made with American and British bankers. American bankers supported the rise in the National Socialist Party. And Hitler was put on the cover of Time Magazine as it’s Man of the Year. A pact was made with the British establishment known as the Transfer Agreement to move the Jews to Palestine. But most didn’t want to go and went someplace else. Stalin had broken away from the Bankers control and they wanted Germany to attack Russia. But when Hitler went along with the plan of issuing the new German Mark it made Germany rich and everyone loved him. Except for the British bankers because now Germany was a direct threat to their power again. Hitler even negotiated a peace treaty with Russia. And so the British establishment made Hitler out to be the Devil Incarnate and got America involved in the war once more and again the USA was the reason for Germany’s defeat.
The war in Libya was another big lie. The first casualty of war is the truth. The citizens of Libya received free housing, free education, free medical care, $50,000 for all newly married couples and they basically enjoyed a good life. The reason for the conflict was that Khadafi was setting up his own currency backed by gold to be used in greater Africa. So Khadafi was portrayed as an evil dictator.
So you can see wars have always been about financial control over other countries. Demonizing a group of people is a tactic by the elite to incite people to kill others to consolidate their own power. It is the very rich who are squabbling with each other over power and control and plundering those who aren’t in their immediate group. But also the common person has his own welfare in mind and will kill if it benefits them.
The current war in Syria is about who controls it. Russia/Syria or USA/Israel. Even though there is close ties between the leaders with their financial connections.
Russia and China as well as other countries want to break away from the hegemony of the dollar where a country has to buy dollars to buy oil – the petro dollar. The dollar is referred to as the reserve currency because it is what is used for most international transactions.
The British based banks are supporting WW111 and has a lot of influence in American politics. The CIA which is closely connected to the British banks as well as Wall Street have conflicting interests. A war would ruin a lot of their power as well as the country they live in.
Israel is playing all sides and does not want their pipeline of free money to end. They want to take over Syria and is using the USA military for that objective. But Russia is blocking them. Israel gets billions a year from the USA and if that would end their economy would go to shambles.
The USA has surrounded Russia with troops in Norway now even though Norway had an agreement with Russia for no foreign troops. The USA has troops in the Ukraine, Finland and other places on the border. And we are amassing weapons there too. When Russia did that to Germany in WW11 Germany decided to attack first and thoroughly routed the Russian troops.
Will it be who strikes first is the victor? That would be a decisive maneuver. But Russia now has higher technology than the USA and so the US is trying scare tactics. Russia is not flinching. Buttons are being made even more ready to be pushed in the slightest provocation.
Deals are being made behind the scenes. But handshakes and written agreements only go so far and wars get out of control very quickly. Especially this one will. Russia has the capability to destroy the entire East Coast of the USA in one minute!
Russia and China will take over as world powers while the strength of the USA will fade. There will be a shift in each countries stock markets right before something big happens with insiders reaping big profits while the common person suffers.
That situation will continue until mid century when natural disasters change the contours of the planet. More and more areas will be unsafe to inhabit because of nuclear material in the environment and life will decline.
Only when our environment and thus our lives suffer will humans try to protect the remaining areas diligently. Animals will be protected. Our spiritual nature will arise to new heights. But it will come at a heavy toll.