All babies human and animal are innocent and vulnerable
They are completely dependent on others

Both have predators

Human babies that are being aborted are knifed
Their skull is stabbed until brain fluid comes out
Their limbs are ripped apart

People stand on the street corner and shout that they want to kill their babies

Dairy cows are most always pregnant when they are forced into the slaughterhouse
Their babies are cut out of them while they are conscious

The calves are then shoved into a small holding pen
Where they will be held prisoner for a few months
Until they are sold as veal

The mothers then are tied upside down and have their skin ripped off
Their throat is slit and they are left to bleed to death
All while they are conscious

Pigs goats chickens turkeys ducks horses buffalo elk etc
Are all treated in a similar fashion

The bigger animals are shot in the head with a bolt pistol
Pigs are lowered down into gas chambers

Birds are fastened to a conveyor belt with a big sawblade
To speed up the killing

The birds who are able to partially avoid the blade
And are still alive are slammed against the wall

Humans have been brainwashed and conditioned to be pro death

They will respond by yelling I love meat I love meat
Being totally disconnected to what they are actually eating

Many use religion as justification
But how can a loving God create beings who value their lives and feel pain
Then say it is OK to torture and eat them

There is no such thing as a humane slaughter

Free range is when animals are crowded into a big holding facility
And the only time they experience the outside or feel the sun
Is on their way to the slaughterhouse

Aborted human babies are sold as food for non humans posing as humans
And they are also used for adrenochrome

When you buy a neatly wrapped package of an animal carcass
That animal went through terrible unspeakable pain

And you are paying someone to inflict suffering

If you cannot kill an animal yourself
You should not pay someone else to do it

Eating others also lowers your vibration
And you become insensitive

You take in their hormones of suffering
Which has a negative impact on your state of being

Become pro life
Go vegan
And raise your spiritual nature!