Commercial airplanes do not run on fuel. It is impossible to store the fuel that they would need to travel long distances. To have gasoline sloshing back and forth in the wings would make the plane immediately unstable. The reason for the deception is that the elite who own these industries want the public dependent on oil and gas. They make hundreds of millions of dollars a year off the unnecessary use of these fuels. And an independent public is harder to control. The large airplanes are gliders. The Wright brothers did not invent air travel. The Tillamook Air Museum in Oregon has airplanes built during the Tartarian period but presented as built in the early 1900’s. The Hughes H-4 Hercules nicknamed the Spruce Goose is another example of Tartarian technology and was not built by Howard Hughes.

Trains are a Tartarian invention. When energy weapons were used to electrocute life in the Tartarian regions, trains remained but the tracks were ruined. Some of them were found looped in circles and alluded to as Sherman Neckties named after General Tecumseh Sherman to fit the Civil War fantasy story. To loop iron railroad tracks in circles they have to be heated above 2800 degrees Fahrenheit or 1538 degrees Centigrade. That is literally hotter than lava. A bonfire could maybe reach 2000 degrees Fahrenheit if it is enormously big but that is still not even close to being hot enough. Bending iron railroad rails would have been beyond the capability of Nathan Bedford Forrest and other Civil War ‘raiders’. And building tens of thousands of miles of Railroad tracks in the Eastern half of America in the first half of the 1800’s would be beyond the capability of early settlers. The Chinese did not build railroad tracks out west but were just cheap labor to help restore them. The luxuriant Dining Cars of the early 1900’s were also from the preceding Tartarian era.

If there were engines in various boats and ships for centuries why weren’t there any automobiles? Admittedly there were fire engines in the early 1800’s. The truth is there were automobiles back then and we are so brainwashed into believing that the world was primitive before the modern era that we can’t conceive of them in previous centuries. Henry Ford did not invent the automobile and Detroit had a thriving auto industry during the Tartarian period. Mass transit was more the rule though and self driving vehicles were less common. People were not in a hurry as they are now and the emphasis was on the enjoyment of your trip. There have been many inventions to power cars by electricity or water and other very economical means starting in the early 1900’s. And even gasoline engines that get over 100 miles per gallon. But they all have been silenced one way or the other.

Ocean Liners:
Famous Ocean Liners such as Queen Mary, Lusitania, Mauretania, Olympic, Britannia, Titanic, Breman, Europa as well as the over the over one hundred other Ocean Liners were all supposedly built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Just like the grand architectural buildings that were supposed to have been built in the same period but then were destroyed not too long afterwards the Ocean Liners have met the same fate. It is all part of the plan to erase Tartarian built structures and abide by the false history narrative.

Sternwheelers also called Paddle Wheelers or Side Wheelers that were on the Mississippi River as well as many other rivers and lakes were also Tartarian. They actually go back to Roman times but were not supposed to be on the Mississippi river until the early 1800’s. It also looks like electricity was employed in these ships but that is totally ignored and they are said to be only steamships. If such technology existed so far back why then were people using horse and buggies as a means for transportation all through the 1800’s? History as it is told is a false narrative. When the Tartarian countries were overthrown and newcomers were brought in the only independent means of travel were their personal horses. Lakes such as Coeur d’Alene Lake in Idaho had sternwheelers on them as early as the 1880’s despite there being no way to transport them to the lake or build them in the vicinity. In reality the sternwheelers were already there.

Ironclads go back to the 1500’s. They were made of thick iron and steel. They were built to last. They were portrayed as prominent players in the fake Civil War. They had engine rooms and could submerge. How could these highly engineered submarine like ships exist at a time when the manufacture of iron and steel into boats would be an incredible feat? The truth is also that these ships were Tartarian and their exploits in the fake Civil war were made-up. How could such aquatic technological inventions be made back then but at the same time neglect inventions of land transportation and force people to use the horse and buggy up until the 1900’s? History as it is told does not make sense.

Trolley Cars:
Everyone loved the trolley cars in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. They ran on electricity and offered a pleasant ride to get around town. The reason they were done away with is that the powers that be wanted people to use gasoline powered vehicles that would bring in billions of dollars. Trolley cars were also Tartarian and were put into use just like they were utilized during the Tartarian period.

There are no such thing as spaceships. The Apollo program and the Space Shuttle are just total BS. We do not live in a universe of unlimited space but a very limited atmosphere that get very electrical at about 5 to 10 miles and becomes an unbridgeable force above that.
When one discards the electrical component that surrounds them they limit themselves because we are bioelectrical beings and the mind is the driving force of one’s capabilities as it sends out currents that create our reality.

Blimps have been around for hundreds of years. They were a very safe, enjoyable and luxurious means of travel. They were also very common. But again the elite did not want non gasoline powered vehicles around so they painted the Hindenburg airship with flammable paint and purposely set it afire. Then spread the lie that these airships were unsafe.

Helicopters or air copters have also been around in past centuries. They were slow moving and the emphasis was on the enjoyment of travel and not the rapid transportation of people from one location to the next. Probably this was the mode of transportation that was commandeered for the use of energy weapons to discharge their invincible power and vanquish nations. There are actually depictions of this occurring. But they are either ignored as fantasy or interpreted as symbolism of something else.
The shooting down of energy weapons from above is still going on. It is of a modern version though with laser weaponry attached to fast moving military aircraft.
The huge limestone Trilithon blocks at Baalbek, Lebanon in the so-called Temple of Jupiter are an estimated 1000 tons or 1 million pounds. Only high energy technology can cut and move stones of that size.

Submarines have admittedly been around since the 1600’s. They were not for warfare but for adventure. They were slow moving and mechanically operated. Only in the 20th century have submarines been utilized by the military and used for other purposes.

Hot Air Balloons:
The first hot air balloon was supposed to be in 1783. But like everything else that is a lie. And like other modes of transportation hot air balloons have evolved but this one has remained a slow moving adventure for sightseers.

The Tartarian culture was in many ways more advanced than ours. It had a higher standard of living, was more ethical and lived closer to nature. Tartarians built many things that we cannot. And built many other structures that we would have a very hard time replicating. When they built it was done with an aesthetic appeal because they had more of an appreciation and concern for beauty and art. Old churches and cathedrals were originally not religious structures. They were energy centers. Organs manufactured frequencies which were amplified and transmitted through portals.