Nero was the first person to talk about the New World Order
He lived in the 1600s and not 2000 years ago as per our fake calendar
Which uses imagined dark ages and made up civilizations

In more recent times Adolph Hitler and his distant cousin George Bush Sr
Also referred to it

The New World Order is about genetically altered humans
Being controlled by an elite few

Experimentation has been going on for hundreds of years
In Medieval which was really the Classical period
Gene mixing of humans and animals created grotesque hybrids

Then reptilian genes and DNA of the elite Jewish aristocracy were added
To humans in underground laboratories

In modern times as the DUMBS or deep underground military bases were built
Experimentation also increased

It now has taken a different turn
Starting in the 1950s with Project Bluebird and Project Artichoke
Thousands of people and animals have been subject to demonic brain experimentation

In 1954 hypnotized people were sent out to do atrocious acts
Then not remember doing them
This has continued to the present day using victims of mind control and clones

MK Ultra is the now famous secret CIA mind control operation
Which President Clinton acknowledged and apologized for

But the apology did not stop anything
Project Sleeping Beauty and Project Third Chance are just other names for MK Ultra
Where military bases and hospitals and even universities are doing hideous hidden experimentation
On people and animals that influence their electron flow through outside signals

This has evolved to controlling the spin of electrons within the DNA
That match the pattern of spin of the electrons in a quantum computer
So that there is a quantum entanglement of electrons
Through 5G and the Cloud

This is the interface under the Antichrist
Where electrons of humans and the supercomputer resonate

We are like the stray dog at the vets
Where the vet pats the poor dog on the head
And says good dog

Then injects him with a life ending euthanasia poison!