Genesis 1:1 states
In the beginning Elohim created Shemayim and Eretz

Elohim is the plural form of El which means Saturn in Hebrew
Shemayim means the dwelling place of the god Saturn or upper heaven
Eretz means the land of the lesser gods or the lower heavens

Genesis 1:2 states
And the land of the gods was tohu wa bohu and darkness was on the surface of the tehom
Tohu wa boho means utter chaos
Chaos is a prominent theme in most all non biblical creation accounts
Before creation there was chaos

Tehom means a surging mass of water
The Babylonian Saturn god Ea is called Shar Apsi
Which means King of the watery abyss

In the Rig Veda the Saturn god Varuna is Lord of the Waters
In the Koran Allah is throned above the waters

In Native American lore there is always a primeval ocean
That existed before God commenced on his work of creation

The second part of Genesis 1:2 says
The Rauch of Elohim was moving on this surging dark mass of water
Rauch means wind
In the rest of the Old Testament Rauch is translated as wind

Other Saturn gods are associated with wind
The Sumerian Enlil means Lord of the Violent Wind
The Greek god Boreas translates as the North Wind

The wind of Saturn or Rauch of Elohim
Can be likened to a rotating vortex or celestial tornado

When Venus was in front of El or the Father God Saturn
They became Elohim
When Mars the Son of the Father God was situated in front of Saturn and Venus
They became the Holy Trinity

In Christian and other belief systems the wind of Rauch was the third person of the Trinity

At the end of an age and before the beginning of a new one
Plasma pours in the vortex or middle pole of the world
Which is the area of the Aurora Borealis

The sky becomes reddish or purple from the plasma above
This is the Purple Dawn of Creation

In response a more highly charged bluish plasma
Comes up the World Axis from below

The column then becomes a transparent white
And is referred to as the Holy Ghost

This is where the colors red white and blue come from
Which makes up most flags

The phrase of Genesis 1:3 Let there be light
Is the outpouring of plasma

The sky eventually turns a golden yellow
This is the Golden Age

Because of the charged north pole the planets congregate there
They drift towards the pole because they are magnetically attracted to it
This is the Assembly of God

Being electrically charged objects they interact with each other through electrical discharges
In an attempt to have electrical stasis the result is the wars of the gods

This is a common theme in all religions
It is the Clash of the Titans

And Lucifer which was an aspect of Mars
Rebelling against the Most High who was Saturn

Electrical discharges between these celestial orbs are also the origin of sexual encounters between the gods
Which are most prominent in Greek and Vedic traditions

The origin of all myth and religion
Is the apocryphal events surrounding the transition between different ages or epochs

When the planets wonder off their accustomed paths to the magnetically charged pole
Where they loom large as they hover close above the earth plane

All eyes are focused on their movements
And they are looked upon as gods!