The actor John Wilkes Booth even though he was brought up in the North and engaged to the daughter of a Senator from New Hampshire was for some reason a Rebel Sympathizer and gets into Ford’s Theatre by giving the usher a note while packing a gun, a large knife and a large stick.
John Frederick Parker the one security guard in charge of guarding the Presidential Box had just snuck out to the local tavern.
Booth goes right to the Presidential box uses the stick to jam the door so no one can rush in stabs Major Henry Rathbone who was actually a relative.
He then shoots President Lincoln with a .44 caliber Derringer a gun with an incredibly slow bullet speed and which rarely kills.
No one hears the gunshot even though this theatre like most all theatres is built to echo sound.
The Presidential Box is right above the stage in full view of the audience but no one sees him stab Rathbone or shoot Lincoln.
Then Booth jumps 18 feet down to the hard stage with his gun, knife and stick.
No one rushes the stage because they are too scared.
Booth then delivers a speech then hobbles off.
Mary Todd Lincoln waits until Booth finishes his speech then shouts He has killed the President!
200 guards who were outside Fords Theatre rush in.
Somehow they don’t see Booth coming out.
This story is too far-fetched.
And not believable.
The world’s a stage and everyone’s an actor.
It was true back then
And it is that way right now!