Bells in steeples and towers echoed the sound from higher realms
They were the sound of the angels singing
And the celestial music of the spheres

The sound of bells brought harmony to all
Sending out beautiful frequencies

That raised the vibration of the soul
And connected one to higher more lofty energy

During World War 2 bells were taken down
Under the guise of needing metal for weapons

They were either broken and rendered inert
Or taken out to sea and dumped

The Liberty Bell is an example of a ruined bell

Many bells are of enormous size

In the Pacific Islands there are bells
That weigh maybe 60 tons
And are still lifted up in their original place

They are seen as the work of the native ancestors

But the construction of bells requires a foundry
And the moving of such incredible weight
Necessitates a sophisticated knowledge of magnetism

The Nazi Bell was a highly technical device
That expanded with frequency
And was used for time travel

The bell at the Kremlin in Moscow
Could reverberate tones of the highest quality
But was taken down and destroyed

The Zora Bell had hypnotic capabilities
It produced sound like the heavenly Sirens
The 5 celestial sisters who orbs in the former sky
But was intentionally cracked

The bells at Notre Dame in Paris
And St Stephens in England have been taken down and repurposed

The hunchback of Notre Dame is a fictional character
Making you think only crazy people want to ring bells

Big Ben in London has been turned off and rechimed
Set to operate again at the beginning of the new world order

Organs in energy buildings
Which have been turned into churches and cathedrals
Cleansed people of low vibrational quality and spirit attachments

The water in baptismal fonts reacted to the energy produced by the organs
And became holy water

Bells sent sound waves that also transformed the geometry of water

Bells produced an elevated consciousness
Brass bells repel spells

To whom the bells tolled
Experienced healing and higher energy!