When NASA starts their countdown
And says T minus 10 and counting
It is because the word NASA is without a T

It is an anagram of Satan
Who is the god of the elite
Satan was Saturn in a dark phase in the former sky

Satanism now is the conjuring of other worldly spirits
Which is part of the Reptilian agenda

The real space program is called Project Serpo
Which brings dark entities into our world

Reptilians want humans replaced
Or at least modified so that we can be totally controlled

Project Looking Glass is the examination of possible outcomes of this conflict
The reptilians and their human minions think their plans are now unstoppable

White Masonry includes the Rotary Club the Elks Lodge the Moose Lodge the Lions etc
They are low level Masons
They are Masons without an apron

The higher level Masons are the upper Freemasons who are the Illuminati
They oversee the Department of Defense

The DOD micromanages the pharmaceutical industry
And the mainstream media
Which is dominant in the consciousness of the general public

They convince humans to go stand in line at the local pharmacy
For the next booster shot

The pharmaceutical executives have mandated the shot for employees
But have exempted themselves

They make tens of millions of dollars a year
And have a luxury house or mansion in the suburbs

When a Mason climbs too high in the ladder of popularity and influence
They are taken down and replaced

Their soul either gets transferred to a synthetic body
That is the reason Hillary Clinton said she does not sweat
Or their soul ends up in some less desirable place

Four high level Jewish Masons are in control of The Ukraine
Zelensky Shmyhal Reznikov and Yermak

Russia has mandated the covid jab for all military personnel
But of course the higher ups are exempt

The leaders of the countries are all related
And are on the same team

The Center for Disease Control or CDC is also not under human control
Doctors are under their protocol

If you visit the hospital you will be shot up
Put on a ventilator and given poisonous remdesivir

Billions of genetically modified mosquitoes are being released in urban areas
Especially California and Florida
They are equipped to deliver the mRNA contagion

The masses are hard wired into the system
And have a hard time changing their thoughts

But it is all about vibration
And we can change our world
Through positive intent!