We have lived other lives. Some were fascinating and some were heart-breaking.
Some past lives were in other countries among diverse cultures.
Others were in a totally dissimilar time period.
Maybe you were even the opposite gender.
Many people believe this present life is a big test for either eternal happiness or eternal damnation.
At the end of one’s life a person can suddenly change their mind and become a believer and live eternity in paradise.
Another person dies young in ignorance or has a momentary relapse and goes to hell for eternity.
There is no logic in that.
Reincarnation is a main tenet in many religions.
It was a common belief in the time of Jesus.
When Jesus went around telling people they must be born again it is the same word as to reincarnate.
The 3 major groups in the area of Palestine during Jesus’ time were the Pharisees, Sadducees and Essenes.
The Essenes believed in reincarnation and were centered in the Northern part of the Sea of Galilea near Mt. Carmel.
Nazareth where Jesus grew up is situated between the Sea of Galilee and Mt. Carmel.
Jesus was an Essene.
The Essenes believed they could summon prestigious people such as Elijah or even the Son of god to reincarnate into their group to further their own cause.
Did not Jesus say that John the Baptist was the reincarnation of Elijah?
During the Council of Nicaea and later during the Fifth Ecumenical Church Council references to reincarnation were taken out of the compilation of books and letters that were being promulgated as being inspired by God.
The attendees at these meetings were not holy men seeking truth but were ambitious leaders headed by the Roman Emperors Constantine and Justinian whose goal was the perpetuation and increase of their own power.
The Pope’s view was not considered important and he was not even allowed to attend.
The Pope was under the jurisdiction of the Emperor.
The aristocracy wanted a belief system where they would be seen as appointed by God.
This would not only legitimize their authority but make people obedient.
They wanted a belief system that connected eternal salvation to the Holy Roman Church.
The aristocracy liked the idea of expounding the belief that their church was started by Peter who was appointed by Jesus.
It was the elite who determined what and was not the sanctimonious Word of God.
The truth is we have the power to create our own destiny.
Our attitudes and beliefs in one life show up in our attitudes and beliefs in our next life.
Our tastes, likes and dislikes will also transfer to the next life.
The people you know in this life are many times the people you have known in a past life.
Your relationship with them is an extenuation of the relationship you had with them in a past life.
Chances are even higher that you knew your family members in a former life.
Reincarnation explains why siblings who have been raised in the exact same environment can have totally different personalities.
If a person has a dominant character trait chances are they had an authoritative position in a past life.
A child who shows this attitude towards his or her parents might have been the father or mother of them in a former life.
Places you have lived before are locations you will be attracted to and want to visit in this life.
You will have a curiosity about them and maybe even want to live there.
The soul needs to learn lessons by experience.
Karma is your energy that you have put out and that comes back to you in a different form.
It is the law of cause and effect.
It is your vibration interacting with the environment.
The ones who cause harm onto others decrease their vibration and decrease their soul.
Eating the flesh of other living beings decreases your vibration.
If you help someone the favor will be returned in some way maybe in a future life.
If you spread negativity there will be a reciprocation in some way.
There is good Karma and bad Karma.
Group Karma is a collective vibrational energy which will effect natural laws.
We pre-cognate our own reality.
If you had some physical, mental or emotional condition in one life it will show up in some way in another life.
Talents and tendencies are usually past activities of the soul in former lives and will coming out in your present life.
One’s vocation will carry over in some way.
A child prodigy is just exhibiting his or her former talents.
Even your appearance will resemble how you looked in former times.
You are usually the same sex in each incarnation.
When you do appear as the opposite sex you will show some characteristics of your normal gender such as your sexual preference.
This reality is just one reality, realm or frequency.
When you sleep and dream you vibrate at a different frequency thus you are better able to tap into former lives.
The same is true when under the influence of certain chemicals such as chloroform.
Past life dreams are usually very literal.
You will be dressed in the way you clothed yourself in that time period.
You will speak how you did then.
You will relive important episodes such as transitions, conflicts and tragic deaths.
My life before this present one was in a western mining town.
I had intense recurring dreams of my sisters trying to locate me.
I dreamt my past name, the town I lived in and got the sense of the approximate time period.
I set off with a skeptical friend to investigate.
It didn’t take long to find proof of the validity of my dreams.
Looking through the newspaper archives I found the whole story on the front page telling how I met an early end to my life. Needless to say my skeptical friend became a believer.
The next previous life was in a very remote area on a farm with my mother.
The most exciting event was when some guy would visit us driving a coverless wagon.
My mother found a boyfriend and things went downhill for me after that.
I spent more time out in the barn away from him and got sick and died at a very young age.
I had sorrowful dreams of desperately trying to say goodbye to my mother but couldn’t make her aware of my presence.
I gave up and drifted off.
The one before that was my Civil War life. I lived in Mississippi and was very young when the war broke out. I followed the Confederate troops up to Shiloh in Tennessee. When the cannons started firing it really scared me and I ran.
I investigated this life also and spent a whole day at the Shiloh battlefield.
That night I had a heart wrenching dream where I was looking over the gravesite of the Confederate soldiers who were buried in a big hole dug by the Union troops.
I knew many of the fallen confederate young men in that gravesite by name.
After the war I went to New Orleans.
My mother was there out of necessity working in a dance hall catering to the Yankees.
I couldn’t stay and went to East Texas and eventually out West.
Being traumatized by the war I was not afraid of confrontation or of using my gun.
My previous life to that one I grew up in Warwick England and as a young boy joined the Navy.
I was stationed in New York City and it was here I met a girl.
We decided to elope so we secretly escaped to Virginia and got married.
And eventually moved to Kentucky.
I think I’ve also had Greek and Roman lives.
As a Roman I was a guard for a high ranking General and lived a privileged life.
In Greece I also had a good life living in the country and visiting the cities.
All those lives contribute to who I am today.
Our soul either advances or regresses during each incarnation.
Cultivating positive relationships with humans and animals and all life has a positive effect on your soul.
The opposite is true too.
We predestine our own lives.
And our soul lives on and on!