The Serapeum is located on the west bank of the Nile River near Saqqara
It is a remarkable underground labyrinth with many levels
And is carved out of the limestone bedrock

There are niches which deviate from the tunnels
Containing perfectly shaped giant rectangular rose granite boxes

The boxes are over 13 feet long and over 8 feet high
They weigh an estimated 70 to 80 tons and have lids that are an additional 20 tons
Their intricate design and smooth polished surface could only be the result of high level plasma tools

They were carved with high energy laser technology out of the granite from Aswan Egypt about 500 miles away
Then hollowed out with a mirror like finish and electromagnetically elevated and transported to the Serapeum

The underside of the lid is exactly square with the vertical surface of the inside of the box shaped containers
Being exactly parallel the lids fit on top with exquisite precision creating an air tight vacuum

The containers were levitated into the narrow tunnels and into the niches which barely accommodate them

The Serapeum was powered by the numerous pyramids in Saqqara
The flawless engineering created insulating properties permitting the ionization of the air

The rose granite crystalline boxes have conductive properties which produced a piezoelectric effect
And resonated with a vibrational sound
The transduction of which would enhance bio photonic healing

Thus rejuvenation of tissues and amplification of consciousness were obtained
Through the channeling of electrical energy
Via geometric structures and conductive material

They could ride the waves of cosmic currents

We were originally complete beings with miraculous insight and awareness
Compared to today we were magical then

Our world has been hijacked
It is time to take it back!