You are consciousness in a momentum of expression
Each single fractal expression is a moment and a single hologram
It is a reality hologram within other realities

Your coherent signal or wave form is your vibration
When you give off a new signal you are switching programs
And you operate on a new frequency

The power of consciousness will allow you to move forward
As you do strands conducting electricity in your brain are formed
They are bridges built between neurons that communicate with each other

Neurons are cells that transmit impulses
They are created when new ideas and information are accepted
Your neural network is your shield of resonance

Sound waves are the core of creation
And initiates the production of your double helix DNA
By your hertz field of thoughts emotions and actions

You are a potent and powerful wave form
Your DNA is your personal geometry formula
That will save your soul

Awareness is the knowledge of both positive and negative in the structure
Consciousness will project into the platform what you need to continue

When you look for it you will find it
When you believe it you will see it
Visualization has to be accompanied by emotions

The sequence of the resonance of your heart vibrates with the earth at 432 hertz
The heart opens the portals of time and space
It is the key to the stargates

We should be outraged at the treatment of humans and animals
But because of the low vibrational structure we are given
We accept it as normal

Each of us creates a geometry sound wave which materializes
And manifests in our etheric hologram

When we project a higher frequency
We can crystallize it into a new reality
And change the world!