We are completely abusing animals
None of them have the attitude here I am eat me
They cry out but we refuse to hear

Animals are extremely smart and they have a soul
They are energetic beings in the structure just like we are

When we eat them we do harm to ourselves and accumulate negative energy
How would you feel if somebody wanted to eat you

Our genome is vegan
We have been manipulated to eat animals
Fruits plants and nuts all have much higher resonance

Our body makes protein from amino acids
It also makes about half of amino acids needed for the construction of proteins
They are called non essential amino acids

The amino acids the body does not make
But needs for the formation of other proteins
Are called essential amino acids and are derived from plants
Vegans have more of the amino acids needed for proteins

The strongest animals gorillas elephants rhinoceroses giraffes hippopotamuses are all vegan

The saturated fat and cholesterol from meat is very hard to digest and assimilate
It gets stored and disturbs the normal functioning of the body

Dairy is very abusive
The female cow is raped with a rape rod
If the offspring is a male they are taken away confined and sold as veal
If the offspring is a female they are taken away and enslaved into the system like the mother

Humans were never meant to drink the excretions of a cow
It is full of hard to digest proteins and fats
Designed to turn a baby calf into a 900 pound cow

That is why many people are lactose intolerant
Human milk is meant for humans
Cows milk is meant for cows
Undigested proteins and fats become harmful free radicals

The mother cow like all animals will pine away with grief for her missing offspring

Feminists should care about the plight of all mothers no matter what species
Instead they are only adamant and concerned about the right to kill their own offspring

Meat only tastes good because of all the spices and seasoning that are added
When someone places momentary taste pleasure over a life it creates bad energy

Chickens are cramped into cages and debeaked
Free range is just being cramped in a big building
The only sunlight they ever see is on their way to the slaughterhouse

All animals are killed at a very young age to maximize profits
When it sinks in that you are eating the carcasses of abused baby animals
It should become unappealing

Pigs in factory farms are not even able to move

Being a vegan is very easy
Just gradually eliminate animal products from your diet

Animals will thank you
Your body will be grateful
And your spirit will ascend!