Teotihuacan is an ancient site
It is 25 miles northwest of Mexico City
It has 3 big pyramids
And a long avenue 4 miles long and 135 feet wide
With an intricate layout of approximately 2000 structures

It has the shape of a circuit board
And an extensive amount of mica
That was brought in 3000 miles away from Brazil
Mica is used to conduct electricity

The pyramids are massive processor chips

It is a massive grid of a city size computer!
That computed a reality

The grid for ancient cities
Was a computer board
Which are a blueprint for the quantum chipsets of today

There have been two worldwide resets
Within the past 500 years

In which humanity has had to start over
But were placed in vacant cities of the previous culture

Not only has our history been erased
But we have been devolved through epigenetics
Creating mass amnesia

We are under a spell
A spell which can be undone!