When the reptilian invasion occurred
We were no longer free to evolve as per the original blueprint

Our memory of what happened was erased
And we became recycled through continual reincarnation

We lost knowledge of who we are
And where we are going
And what our purpose is

The architectural blueprint exists at multiple layers
These are consciousness fields
They directly control the physics of the manifested creation

The blueprints are what projects the actual image into physical substance

As multiple alien mind control programs set in
We lost connection to our soul

Our life force of divine plasma was siphoned off
To serve the alien agenda

Humans are the base root species
Reptilians are from us
They have come back to make things go in their direction

They cannot annihilate us because they would annihilate themselves

Other species such as the Naga have their own set of objectives

The Greys have also been intervening
Because they have been cloned and they realize cloning is a dead end
They are seeking to be humanized

We were the perfect being in the creation of matter by the Divine Source
Humans were originally much larger in size

There are frequencies all around us
Step into a higher frequency
And become the human you were meant to be!