We live on a flat plane
Inside of what could be called a crater
Or even a teacup

We are surrounded by the Antarctic ice wall
That has an entrance called the Summer Gate
On the other side it is mostly dry land

If one tries to sail into the Summer Gate they will be arrested and put in jail
If one tries to fly an airplane into Antarctica they will be shot down

Beyond Antarctica is a vast ocean with many large continents
There is Thoth Libras Yah Pitatia Atum Geminia Hapis Sol and Aten

Beyond this there is another one with more huge continents
Called Nemo Odin Formosa Ultima Anubis Isis Osiris Telicamesia
Atlantis Lemuria and the Magellenic Islands

Beyond this is the Wall of Asgard

There is reportedly 9 of these worlds
And we are in the second one

There are other humanoids in these worlds
They are partially like us

There is a dome over us of highly charged plasma
We are close to one side of it
And it extends out into an indeterminate area of one of these other worlds
On the other side of the dome or firmament is another realm with a different frequency

Planets are not terra firma that you can land on
They are energetic plasmoids

Stars are also energetic plasma but embedded in the firmament
They are only a few thousand miles away

The sun is small and close traveling over our motionless plane
It is as it appears to be
The suns crepuscular rays could not fan out otherwise

Gravity is weight
If gravity was real how could it be strong enough to hold down the oceans
Yet too weak to pull the morning dew off a blade of grass

Water finds its level
It does not curve

If we lived on a round globe
Pilots would have to continually point the nose of the airplane down
Ot else they would fly straight off into space

According to the round globe there is a 8 inch curvature every mile
Therefore mountains buildings and ships over 110 miles away would be below the horizon

But on clear days these are clearly visible
And a high powered telescope or the Nikon 900
Will let you see objects a lot farther away

If the earth was a round globe spinning at 1000 miles an hour
And the atmosphere was moving along with it
Clouds would not be seen traveling away from us
Since they are part of the atmosphere

And airplanes traveling with the spin would never reach their destination
And airplanes traveling against the spin would reach their destination a lot sooner

This is all part of a mass illusion
To keep humans in a low vibrational status!