There is an interdimensional war
Very few can astrally enter other realms

The multidimensional universe is a unified whole
The dark side who are using the energy of others to survive are getting desperate

They are unleashing a parasite called hydra vulgaris into the water supply
It is very hard to kill and it self replicates

Job 28:31 says
Can you tie the knot of the Pleiades
Or loosen the bonds of Orion

The Pleiades and Orion were moons in the former Saturnian system
Easily seen without a telescope

The close proximity of cosmic orbs around the north celestial pole
Provided life giving energy or Prana to our earth plane

It kept our awareness high
And our multidimensional abilities were accessed

Our true history has been deleted
And we are force fed lies

We are being injected with self assembling rectangular circuitry
That reacts to frequency technology

5G millimeter waves are meant to spread confusion and trauma

LED streetlights hit you with microwave radiation
That is hazardous to our cells

Facial recognition technology is toxic

Police departments quit using their hand held radar guns
Because the cops got cancer

Insects bees butterflies moths birds
Have all been decimated by phase ray antennae

Our world has become a predator prey victim victimizer consciousness

A child with a baby pig will not want to kill and eat them
The child will want to be friends with the pig and play with him or her

We have been brainwashed into accepting eating animals as normal
We have been programmed like zombies but cannot even see it

This year a dark winter will set in
And there will be a big drop in temperature

Do not give up and do not give in

Cultivate your common sense

And activate your divinity!