Everything you think becomes a hologram in front of you
You construct reality based on frequency

Our chakras are portals to other realms
Codes in our DNA make us a radio with infinite stations

When you hold a vibration it is guaranteed you will see that platform
Because it will become crystallized in the quantum structure

Project your reality from the heart
And negative systems in your reality will collapse

The quantum field mirrors what you feel
You create with your resonance

Words are based on sound
They create a wave of frequency and geometry
Making new quantum plasma formations in the field

Your reality is an outcome of what you put into the quantum field
Your magnetic bio field will draw it back to you

It will manifest in your experience
But not in a way you expect

Do not reject the negative in the structure
But transform it by a renewing of your mind

Be grateful for the negative as well as the positive
By changing your frequency you will mutate the negative

You have to feel it to create it to see it to have it

Answers will come through synchronicity when you need it!