Native American lore recollects a time where they knew not the eating of flesh
And when they did not need clothes

This corresponds to the account in Genesis
When only seed bearing plants and fruit trees were food
And when they were naked and not ashamed

Even to all animals birds and creatures that creep upon the earth
Only green plants were given for food

The Tree of Life was the branching of the upper northern plasma column that is in the center or navel of the world
Also known as the highway or stairway to heaven
The upper plasma column was typically pictured as an upside down pyramid

The Tree of Knowledge was the lower section
It was also typically portrayed as a mountain due to its pyramid shape

The meeting of these 2 highly charged beams creates a Tesla Coil
It becomes an elevator where you can go up or down depending on the current

This plasma flux tube becomes the Beanstalk where Jack went up to the sleeping giant
As this apocalyptic event transpires the atmospheric medium becomes highly charged

This is the coming of the Holy Spirit
We become telepathic and can communicate vibrationally with animals insects and even trees and plants

The 2 Witnesses of Revelation 11 are also the 2 olive trees and the 2 lampstands
They have fire pouring out of their mouths

When these 2 prophets finish their testimony
Those who dwell upon the earth will rejoice and make merry and exchange presents
Because they have been a torment

But then after 3 days the breath of life from God will enter them again
And dread will once more come upon those who see them

A loud voice from heaven will say Come up hither
And as they went up a great earthquake ensued

The 2 prophets are the anode and cathode of the Universal plasma Tesla coil at the north pole
As they fire up they become a torment and dread to all who see them

At first the plasma flow will fluctuate but then when it burst forth into heaven
The electrical reverberation will set off earthquakes

The earth which is the motionless center of the universe
Is now entering into that phase of magnetic flux

As the earth breathes through the polar vortex
The plasma will come up instead of just going down

Plasma will get trapped in our world
The electromagnetic structure of our cells will ignite and give us increased vitality

Plasma will be our food and we will become breatharians
As time goes by plants and trees will grow huge and they will become our food source
We will not have any desire to kill and eat our brother and sister animals

The climate will again become tropical
And it will become more and more common to walk around without any clothes

Humans will also not need to sleep for the purpose of reenergizing
We will be transformed by the renewing of our mind

Now we see as in a dark mirror
But as the plasma force unifies us

We will then see the value of life