When the electric wars of Atlantis commenced
And much of the north world put under ice
As depicted in the movie Frozen
Many of the inhabitants sought refuge in other realms

These are the Ancient Builders or Guardians
Who are working to save our world

One of the purposes of CERN is to direct energy waves
To prevent the entering of these advanced beings
Who are our real progenitors

A lot of the old abandoned mines were not for the pursuit of minerals or stones
But for highly advanced artifacts of the Atlantean civilization
That were in their underground tunnel systems
But were buried during the Atlantean wars

One such item is portrayed in the movie Mask
And in novels by HP Lovecraft
Where a device is found in an underground city which predates modern humans

It is fitted on the head and becomes impossible to remove
But gives you supernatural powers
And the ability to communicate with beings in other dimensions

The elite controllers originally partook in the Egyptian spiritual belief system
They have sought to bring forth Egyptian corpses by revitalizing their DNA
To prevent this prominent Egyptians at their time of passing
Had themselves mummified and their vital organs removed

The raising and walking around of the dead
Is depicted in the Biblical apocalypse scenario

The controllers are portrayed in the movie Beneath the Planet of the Apes
Where underground beings control the sub humans and their ape descendants on the surface
With illusory mind control techniques
And worship their high technology of destruction

Simeon DNA are a part of the Covid vaccine

The D Wave Quantum Computer will also seek to repair the polar column
Whose energy was diminished during the Atlantean Wars

And to reposition the planets
So that the former reign of Saturn
Who is the god of Genesis and our former sun
Is reinstituted

So that the elite can once again have access to the Tree of Life
And enter into the heavenly city through the golden gates

Keeping the rest of humanity in an ape like existence
Whose wisdom goes hand in hand with their idiocy

In the final scene of Planet of the Apes
Dr. Zaius says to Taylor when he wants to search for answers
As to how the world wound up like it is

Do not search too hard Taylor
You might not like what you find!