On February 26 1947 a battle took place
Near the shores of Queen Maud Land in Antarctica

Admiral Richard Byrd had received orders to destroy
A secret Nazi base in Antarctica called Base 211

At the wars end over 100 German submarines had vanished
Along with all the top Nazi scientists and engineers

Operation Paperclip only gathered the few that were left behind

Earlier Hitler had sent an aircraft carrier called The Schwabenland
To explore Antarctica for base locations

Two airplanes scouted an area of about 600,000 square miles
They found a paradise on earth

The mission was then passed on to Fuhrer Sea Wolves or U boats which are submarines
The operation was code named Valkyrie 11

Warm rivers run under the ice of Antarctica
They form tunnels that can be entered at the Antarctic Ocean’s edge
These tunnels are easily assessed by submarines

The U boats hauled machinery and construction materials
Along with highly skilled engineers

A secret impregnable citadel was built
Which is now an inner earth underground city called New Berlin

Admiral Byrds armada of ships and planes headed to Queen Maud Land
Which Hitler renamed New Swabia

The quest to destroy the Nazi secret installation was named Operation High Jump
Because of the ice walls that had to be surmounted

Over 5000 military personnel accompanied Byrd
He had unlimited funding

Suddenly the inexplicable happened
And the fleet made a real fast retreat

Half of the ships and planes were destroyed
The rest limped back home
And the mission was cut short
As they were totally defeated

General Byrd was later quoted as saying
An enemy exists who has the ability to fly saucer shaped objects at incredible speeds

Who did these fast flying disc shaped aircraft belong to
Was it Nazi Germany or an advanced Antarctic civilization!