Benton County in Southeast Washington is home to the Hanford nuclear power plant named after a Seattle judge. In 1943 thousands of workers were hired to build the facility touted as the world’s first plutonium production reactor. The plant became operational in 1944 at a very limited capacity towards the end of the war.
The plutonium was said to be for bombs and the war effort. And as it turns out plutonium is not a dangerous substance. So why would they be putting it in bombs?
What was actually being built was just a big radioactive waste storage facility. Now there are 177 tanks full of Uranium waste. Many of which are leaking. Workers are constantly being hospitalized and whistleblowers are fired.
In 1949 an immense amount of nuclear waste from Hanford was dropped in the Northwest from airplanes known as the Green Run. The official story is that hot plutonium drifted away from the facility. What actually was going on is that they were hoping they could just release the material in the air and not have to store it. So they did an experiment to see what would happen. From Klamath Falls in southern Oregon to Kettle Falls in northern Washington there was an intense cloud of Iodine 131, Strontium 90 and Cesium 137. What happened was a legacy of cancer and death.
So if this was a nuclear power plant for the production of bombs why was it not closed after the wars end? The reason given in the 1950’s was that nuclear power is an important source of energy. But this is another big lie because power companies utilize Tesla’s technology of alternating current.
Where was all the nuclear waste coming from?
The Manhattan Project wasn’t about producing bombs either because all wars are managed. It was about breaking down Uranium to produce a new form of energy. Uranium is actually more common than mercury or silver. It is as abundant as tin and zinc. A lot of it is mined in Antarctica even though that continent is supposed to be off limits to industry (and the public) because of the concern about environmental consequences. When Uranium atoms are split Caesium is produced. Caesium is the most electropositive element in the world. All you have to do to get Caesium to produce electrons is to hit it with light or heat. Electrons are ionized atoms which means they are charged particles in a plasma form. Thus they are electrical.
When electrons are released from Caesium you have an incredible power source. This technology is now being used to power aircraft. But it is denied to the public.
In the same way the sun gives off positive electrons and produces a drift current because it is heated. It is not nuclear powered. It is an anode. In other words it is a huge electropositive atom.
In 1947 when Caesium powered aircraft was still in the experimental stage one of them crashed in the New Mexico desert near Roswell. It hit the local newspaper.
The story was then intentionally changed to a government cover-up of a crashed UFO and that the aliens are being held at a local military base.
But that was just a big con job.
Thanks to the Roswell incident when these seemingly otherworldly aircraft are spotted such as the Phoenix Lights in 1997 people think they are UFO’s with aliens onboard.
What happened was a Caesium powered aircraft malfunctioned and stalled over Phoenix for a couple hours.
The airplanes which can be seen at very high altitudes going at excessive speeds are operating from the heating of Caesium.
They are carrying the super rich whom you will never see flying first class at your local airport.
So the reason for all the nuclear waste at Hanford is the production of Caesium from Uranium.
The reason why Hanford was chosen to be the place for the waste is because prior to the 1940’s hardly anyone lived there.
There are over 100 nuclear power plants in the USA. But most of these are actually for weather modification purposes.
Missile silos with thermonuclear weapons are another big hoax.
The reason the Concorde aircraft is not being used anymore is because it is obsolete.
Commercial airplanes although not Caesium powered do not fly on gasoline. Just think how unstable they would be carrying huge amounts of gas in their wings.
And non gasoline powered aircraft has to be covered up also because automobiles are being kept running on gasoline for no other reason as to profit the oil industry and to keep the public dependent on oil and the elite who owns the oil companies.
One lie leads to another!