So what would cause such a drastic state of affairs to cause the removal of such a large population? I’ll tell you. Benton County in Southern Washington state is home to Hanford named after a Seattle judge. In 1943 the govt. hired 51,000 workers to build the world’s first full rich plutonium production reactor there and by 1944 it became operational. The plutonium was made to put in bombs.  Now there are 177 tanks full of radioactive waste which are leaking. They tried to build more modern tanks but they are leaking even worse. Workers are constantly being hospitalized. Whistleblowers are fired.

The amount of radiation in these tanks dwarfs the amount at Fukishima which is being released into the Pacific Ocean and killing the sea life there. Dead sea creatures are continually being washed up on Pacific Coastal. Schools on the West Coast are reporting a much higher rate of absenteeism from sickness.

In 1949 the govt. intentionally released an immense amount of radiation from Hanford known as the “Green Run”. It was called green because they did not let the plutonium cool. The cloud of radioactivity primarily of iodine 131 drifted south to Klamath Falls in Southern Oregon and north to Kettle Falls in Northern Washington. The areas in between were hit the hardest. This experiment left a legacy of cancer and death.

In the 1950’s came the big lie – that nuclear power plants are an important  source of energy. Actually now energy companies have utilized Tesla’s technology of alternating current and nuclear power is totally unneeded for energy. So the continual operation of nuclear power plant is poisoning the planet but is benefitting a few pathological, greedy and  insane insiders.

But  you say the sun is nuclear powered so this is the right course of action. The sun is not a nuclear reactor. When atoms are heated to a certain degree they lose their electrons from the nucleus and  become ionized. Ionization means the gaseous matter becomes plasma which is charged – thus electrical. The sun is a huge ball of plasma or positive anode. And the “solar wind” is actually a drift current.

So we are letting the nuclear cabal poison the planet. Poisoning the food, the water, the air and the soil – killing animal life and also human life. Our public servants – the govt. – is nitpicking the common folk and cracking down on seatbelt violators while there is a deafening silence on the nuclear industry. It’s  amazing.

Do you mind eating radioactive lettuce? Is the Strontium 90 or Cesium 137 in you spinach greens something which is of no concern? All nuclear power plants leak into the environment. Indian Hills above New York City and San Onofre in Southern California are just 2 examples of disasters waiting to happen. There are over 100 nuclear power plants in the USA. Seattle residents especially are internalizing hot particles (from Fukishima). Do you mind having your DNA sliced and diced?
But back to the title. I had an “interruption” in my dreams one night and a person started talking about Spokane. She stated at the end that “Spokane will not be around for not much longer anyway”.

All it would take is an explosion from one of those 177 tanks and the plutonium which kills anything it comes in contact with and other radioactive materials to start drifting northeast towards Spokane. A twilight zone scenario of empty cities is now more of a possibility. Or a Planet of the Apes scenario where there are forbidden zones.