You are Consciousness
Consciousness is a high speed vibrating particle appearing next to itself
It is a dream state that we shift into

Every moment you are creating a new holographic reality
Emotion is a frequency sound vibration

The next parallel reality that you shift into
Will be the frequency you are projecting

When you project in the positive
The negative hologram that is being put forth in the news
Will drop out of your reality

Big Pharma is all about the dark side
Lies propaganda bribery cover ups
Synthetic toxic medication and vaccines

It is another simultaneously running program with its own geometrical patterned vibration codes
You choose the reality you experience based on your thoughts and the frequencies you produce

Do not drop yourself into a reality of anxiety worry and doubt
Stay with the positive and give yourself a positive outcome

The more you do in the positive
The more you see the positive

When we merge with another reality
We create a third reality

Many times we vibrate back and forth between realities
Eventually one will win out

Negative realities are not permanent
And are just a projection of a hologram in a negative low vibrational momentum
They will cease to exist in your reality when you vibrate higher

The more you watch the news and their assertions about a killer virus
The more you will believe it and make it a reality for yourself
Your consciousness then projects it onto the field in front of you

Be the creator of what you wish to experience
Consciousness is made from a particle flickering infinitely

The moment you drop down into negative frequencies
Recognize what you did

Say thank you for showing me where I am at in the quantum field
And choose to project a strong positive emotion

If emotions are overbearing
Look at yourself as an actor

Act the part of a vibrant confident positive person
Consciously increase that emotion
And assume the part

Your character will become you!