Flying between the masts of the ships of Admiral Byrds 1947 armada
Two flying saucers had suddenly shot up out of the water

All communication and electronic equipment on board the ships went out
Disarming the most advanced fleet that the United States military could muster

A mysterious ray of deadly fire was unleashed upon them
From the nose section of the flying disc shaped craft

The destroyer ship the Murdoch sank
As rescue teams on life boats tried to save the men in peril
Ship after ship went below the waters

Then after the remaining ships were incapacitated
The 2 strange flying craft went back into the water
As quickly as they emerged

Hitler and the SS were high level Freemasons
But also belonged to their own secret society called the Ahnen Erbe
Which was headed by Heinrich Himler
Himler had a Nazi Witch library in Czechoslovakia

The Ahnen Erbe believed there are several moons of artificial origin
And they cause cataclysmic events

They also believed in advanced civilizations in Antarctica
And that the true nature of the Earth is an extended stationary plane consisting of many outer layers
Hitler had given strong passionate orders to cooperate fully with the beings in Antarctica

Antarctica is the first layer beyond our realm
The firmament comes down to the outer layers

The purpose of Operation High Jump was not only to destroy the secret Nazi base camp
But to retrieve any advanced technology and the people associated with it

In 1922 Germany had a secret flying disc
It was called the Other World Flight Machine
And it was for interdimensional travel

At that time Hitler who was from one of the richest Jewish families
Was a high ranking member of the Thule Society which is the top level of the Vril Society
And the inner circle of pre Nazi Berlin

The Vril society was headed by Maria Ortic and another lady known as Sigrun
They were mediums who never cut their hair
And who were said to have access to the star system Aldebaron

The Thule society had close ties to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
Which developed from the Rosicrucians

The Thule society were obsessed with Atlantis and crystal cities
It is also claimed they were in contact with advanced civilizations in Antarctica
Who are tall advanced beings that utilize Vril energy

The members of the Thule society believe their ancestors escaped the destruction of Atlantis
And their RH negative blood type makes them superior

In 1945 the Magic Eye was developed
It was an espionage probe that could appear and disappear at will
As well as arc through dimensions

The elite Germans were never defeated
They later reestablished ties with their American ruling cousins

While the common German soldier was placed in Eisenhower death camps
And left to starve to death!