The Black Plague swept through Europe
Cities became abandoned

London Marseille Milen Genoa Florence and Sicily
Lost over three quarters of their population

The Black Plague is also called the Bubonic Plague
And is the same as the Plague of Justinian
Because the classical time of Rome
Took place in the so called medieval period

It is also the Plague of Cocoliztli
That ravaged Mexico as well as Central and South America

It is said to have been caused by rats sneaking onto ships
That carried fleas who had disease

The only rat infestation that existed was in the minds of the ones rewriting history
Who had to make up a cause for the pestilence

Comets were seen in amazing abundance during the times of outbreak
Comets are not primordial objects of snow and ice from the far reaches of our fake solar system
They are artificial and the result of technology

People knew it was an airborne disease
And that the fog that appeared after sightings of comets was toxic

Doctors were given money for the number of patients they had
Like today where the amount of money hospitals receive is based on how many of their patients die
So to increase revenue doctors would cut out ulcers of dead people and give it as medicine

Germ weapons of infectious biological agents were sprayed down upon the ancient world by artificial comets
Like today where we are bombarded by poisonous chemtrails that crisscross or sometimes blanket our sky

Smallpox is virtually identical to the Black Death
The plague in Mexico was a smallpox epidemic
Which also decimated the population of North America
Smallpox is a bacteria and it created a deadly mist when dropped down from above

In the 1700s inoculations for smallpox began
It was a more effective way to give people smallpox

The Spanish Flu of World War 1 was the vaxxing of people with smallpox
The polio outbreak of World War 2 was the vaxxing of people with viruses created in a lab
There are no deadly invisible viruses randomly flying around and killing people

Viruses need a host body with an acidic environment
We are fed toxins and poisons which make our body acidic
Then are injected with viruses that can thrive in a poisoned acidic body

We are being manipulated by fear to consent
Many so called diseases of today are the result of viruses passed down from the polio vaccine

We need to project ahead of ourselves the imagery which is necessary
For our own long term survival!