The sextant matrix is the instrument used to measure and set
The angle of rotation of the various positions
Of the energetic current of the holographic template

It runs reversal currents that travel through Universal Axis or Rod of Ezekial
Which is also a superhighway of vertical and horizontal communication lines

3 6 9 is the building code for the Tree of Life or Rod of Ezekial architecture

The famous quote of Nikola Tesla was
If you knew the magnificence of 3 6 9
You will have the key to the universe

This is how energy comes into matter
And why the circle is 360 degrees
3 + 6 = 9

It is also the key to manifest inter dimensionally
And is how instruction sets for our earth realm are changed

It allows for quantum entanglement of atomic matter with phantom matrices
And molecular bonds between organic and artificial substances

By hijacking the 3 6 9 instruction sets artificial realities are created
Which are used by the alien/human military factions
To parasite and vampirize our world

The goal is to transform earth into a transhumanist prison
Through techno totalitarianism

This will soon reach a climax
And come to a climatic end

The God Source is a benevolent life force
Divine etheric filaments will re encrypt DNA mutations

Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP which is a chemical energy
Produced by the mitochondrial DNA
Will shine the light quotient of our cells

Our auric light body will circulate blue emerald flames
And we will burst forth like lush plasma flowers
In a beautiful garden

We will sing celestial songs

When God sent Raziel the highest angel
To teach Adam the laws of the universe
It was to harmonize the spiritual and physical existence

By purifying our intentions
We refine our thoughts
Which will produce more wholesome emotions
And instill altruistic behavior

When we obey the Natural Laws
Our rightful aspects will be returned to us
And we will be put on a timeline that reflects our consciousness

Then our crystal codes will access us to higher realms!