Your favorite actor
Your favorite band
Your favorite President

Have either sold their soul
Or are clones

Or are reptilian humanoids
In cloned human flesh
Acting like humans

Clones can be soulless robots
They can be used for political tools
Or used as sex slaves

When all 10 fingers are flashed
That is the signal for cloning

Also a hand to chin position
Is used to designate cloning

Clones often have breakdowns
Which many times are blamed on mental illness

The Vitruvian Man diagram
Said to be made by Leonardo Da Vinci
Is a schematic for cloning

But actual cloning has only been around
Since the 1950’s

The largest military ever
Has now been created
And they all are clones

Cyborg warriors with superhuman strength

The matrix is a computer generated dream world

In order to unbend the matrix
Their true identity
Has to be revealed!