Our body collects iron
Because of the removal of copper

Copper is the single most important nutrient to the body

Corn syrup depletes copper
Vitamin supplements deplete copper
Vaccines deplete copper

Radiation from WiFi television cell phones and 5G transmitters
Depletes the body of copper

GMO foods are void of copper
But are loaded with toxins
They will genetically damage body structures

The ones who allegedly represent us
Are the ones approving our poisoning

Sulphur compounds in food additives bind with copper
And pull it out of the body

Copper is essential for the formation of normal healthy proteins
Proteins are an amino acid sequence that provide a balanced pH state
Which maintains mineral balance in the blood and tissues

Copper removes iron and other metals from the body

Blood types are nothing more than the degree of copper deficiency
A and O blood types make up 80 percent of the US population
When the A protein disappears it switches to O
B has less copper deficiency

A balanced pH is present only in the AB blood type
Which is the only normal one

The A blood type is missing the B protein
The B blood type is missing the A protein
O is missing both A and B
A B and O are due to copper deficiency

The A protein is alkaline and the B protein is acidic

Blue bloods are copper based blood and are the elite
They give the rest of humanity an excess of iron
That takes the place of copper

Iron overloads the hemoglobin which the body uses to carry oxygen
Hemoglobin and red blood cells separate and oxygen is not carried successfully
As a result iron ages us quickly
It is also a neurodegenerative agent in the brain
And a cardiovascular interrupter as it accumulates in the heart

The fortified iron in cereal is toxic because it becomes unbound and thus not regulated
As a free radical it damages cells DNA and proteins
It creates oxidative stress
Cancer cells run on iron

Its all about control greed and keeping our minds weak
While decreasing our lifespan

Much of sea life has been able to keep their copper based blood

We should cook with copper pans and drink out of copper glasses
And do everything possible to restore our copper based blood
Which is what we are meant to have!