The Alpha Draconians are master geneticists
They are of the reptilian race

The Tribe of Dan is the Tribe of the Serpent
Dan is an anagram for DNA

The Jewish elite are all type O Rh negative blood type
Your blood type is determined by your DNA

Type O negative blood is the universal donor
Which means Type A Type B Type AB and Type O positive will accept it

But Type O negative blood will not accept Type A Type B Type AB or Type O positive
Which would seem to make Type O negative the original blood type

All blood types except Type O negative have the mammal antigen protein
Named after the Rhesus monkey and termed the Rh factor

A Type O Rh negative mother will develop antibodies to attack the cells of a fetus
Who is not Type O Rh negative

That is why the Jewish elite will not allow any other blood types into their family tree
They want to keep a pure bloodline

But they have spread the Type O Rh negative to others
Such as the Basque people between Spain and France
35 percent of the Basque are Type O Rh negative

Jewish people view all other blood types as monkey hybrids with primate DNA
O is the only blood type that is Rh negative

This is proof of genetic engineering
And of an alien breeding program
We all have an embryonic tail

Type O Rh negatives have no connection to other mammals
It is also the favorite blood type of reptilians for possession
Rh negatives are the ones abducted and tracked by the CIA

Type O negatives have a higher IQ
But are more prone to mental illness and multiple personality
Which are actually signs of possession

Original sin or the downfall of humanity
Is the mixing of reptilian and mammalian DNA

Type O negatives have lower body temperature and lower blood pressure
They are more psychic because the iron in their blood is more pure
They absorb more sunlight and since iron is magnetic
Are better receivers for electrical signals

Sunlight converts chemicals in cells to electricity
Which powers your body and gives it vitality

Rh negatives are immune to viruses

They are also the ones who practice blood sacrifices for reptilians
They have a connection to reptilians
And a lesser than normal connection to other mammals

Celebrities are all Type O Rh negative
Greece Rome and the Austrian Hungary Empire
Were taken over by Type O Rh negative Jews
And are now in all places of power

The lowest of the low became the highest of the high

And behind it all is the Reptilians
Who have descended from the lower astral 4th dimension

They hide their anomalies
And they need human blood to survive in this realm

They use fear hate and greed to keep us resonating with their own low vibration
They are afraid of the coming plasma apocalypse which will accelerate healing and awareness

Plasma is life force energy
It is God Consciousness
And will seek to destroy all negative forms
As it grounds itself to the earth

The Divine Source will not allow itself
To be overrun by negative forces!